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Boulder Commercial Photographer

Russell McDougal has been shooting photography for Boulder & Denver clients for almost 30 years. Russell shoots in his well-equipped photo studio or does location photography on site. McDougal’s commercial photography includes products, portraits & location shots, including buildings & houses, both inside & outside. He specializes in product photography for corporations and small businesses. He is a master of lighting and tabletop photographic set-ups.  If you need an exceptional Boulder photographer, please call.

Expertise & Experience

Whether he is shooting a medical device, a tea box, a house for sale, or beautiful artwork, he has the ability to capture the essence of the image. He understands how to tell the story of the subject. Russell is a valuable resource with many years in art & commerce, around photography, design & publishing. He can help create the right photograph that is appropriate for your image to showcase the features & story for your audience.

McDougal Photo Imaging Studio

Full service Studio, Photo Library, and Vintage Collection


McDougal Photo Imagery

Russell is an accomplished, commercial photographer serving clients’ various  photographic needs. Advertising photography, product photography, portraiture, art reproductions & real estate photography keep him busy & satisfied. He is a master craftsman with lighting & photography, & is an excellent digital retoucher who creates wonderful visual images. He also makes fine-art photographic prints in-house for clients, as well as for his own fine-art work.



Infinity Backdrop & Lighting Studio

McDougal’s Photo Studio has state of the art lighting equipment, with multiple power packs, lighting diffusion, & many various tools to define & refine the light for whatever mode & effect one desires. The hi-res camera is also connected to a large monitor for instant viewing of every shot.


Vintage Collection

The studio is home to a vast collection of visual props for complimenting or enhancing a photograph when desired. Besides shooting beautiful product shots on a plain background, we have the opportunity to make more memorable image with visual accents of props to make a more distinctive photograph. Or we can simply use different background choices to help create a nice feeling. The studio has a wide range of choices from solid color formica to painted canvas to various, unique fabrics.

About Russell McDougal

Experience and Expertise


About Russell

Russell grew up in the Midwest & traveled extensively in his youth. He has been photographing & journalling since college, creating reflections along life’s journey. He learned studio photography while living in SanFrancisco. He has lived in Boulder for many years. He has had a lifelong interest in the visual, philosophical, & poetic arts. He published his first photo-philosophy book, Mirror of Mind in his late 20’s. He has published many fine art photographs, a series of limited edition silk-screen prints, a T-shirt line, as well as several lines of greeting cards. He was invited and taught a series  of photography classes at the local Boulder High School.He occasionally gives workshops on the Art of Seeing.

He is currently publishing under the name Isle of View, & has created a book, boxed deck of cards, & 3 iPhone apps. Besides tradition poetry, he likes to write abbreviated Zen-like acronym insight phrases. Examples are: A.R.T. – Arrange Reality Tastefully…M.Y.T.H. – Make Yourself The Hero…and J.O.Y. – Just Open Yourself.  He likes to  A.C.T. – Awaken Cultural Transformation.

Russell brings a lot of experience & insight to any photo shoot, because of his history in art & commerce. He helps clients visually tell their story to showcase their best image. And because Russell is such a wordsmith, he enjoys helping clients with tag lines or identities for their company or brand.

Russell enjoys working with socially conscious companies who try to bring something positive into the world.




Isle of View

Inspirational & Artistic Cards to Transform your World

Isle of View Website

This is Russell’s Isle of View website that features his inspirational book & boxed card decks.

Isle of View Boxed Card Deck

Inspirational acronyms & art to transform your world. Isle of View Insight Cards are “re-minders” that awaken you to a new way of seeing the world. 50 cards and an in-depth commentary let you pick a card & get true insight into your way of being in the world.                                                                  Learn to S.O.A.R. – Simply Open And Receive. Yes you C.A.N. – Create Answers Now.

Isle of View Book

The book collection of inspirational acronyms & art to awaken your being to seeing the magic of the world. Each page turns you into a sage. You have come of age. Learn to  F.L.O.W. – Finally Let Out Worry… and   F.L.Y. – Finally Love Yourself.