Photo Services

Retouching & Printing | Digital & Creative Ideas

Photo Retouching

Photographic retouching is another incredibly valuable service offered in-house at McDougal’s photo studio. Russell loves to retouch photographic images. With today’s tools one can dramatically improve an image & really refine it into something very special.

Snapping a photo, even with wonderful lighting, is the beginning digital capture of a complex process. With a mastery of photo retouching, Russell can refine & enhance any photo. Like cooking you can blend your ingredients & techniques to get a very tasty result. Let Russell make your image shine.










Photo Printing & Giclées

Many clients want a nice photographic print as their final image. The studio makes beautiful archival prints in-house. These state-of-the-art prints, also known as “giclees”, are long lasting prints produced on archival paper with archival inks.

Many artists, like painters, make beautiful “giclee” reproductions of their original artwork to sell after the original is long gone.







Digital & Creative Ideas

Russell does lots of creative photography for himself and for his clients. Russell has his own publishing ventures. He has publishes 2 different books, silkscreen editions, & many series of greeting cards.

His current project is called Isle of View which publishes boxed inspirational card decks, books, & 3 different iPhone apps.

Russell loves to brainstorm with clients about ideas & executions for the market. Russell is open to collaborate with writers and other creatives for book visuals, articles, or other projects.