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Studio Prop & Background Collection

The studio is home to a vast collection of visual props for complimenting or enhancing a photograph when desired. Besides shooting beautiful product shots on a plain background, we have the opportunity to make a very memorable image with visual accents of props to make a more distinctive photograph. Or we can simply use different background choices to help create a certain mood or atmosphere. The studio has a wide range of choices from solid color formica to painted canvas to various, unique fabrics to dozens of hand-made paper sheets.

McDougal Photo Imaging

3211 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80301

(303) 444-6984

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About the Studio

McDougal’s Photo Studio has state of the art lighting equipment, with multiple power packs, lighting diffusion, & many various tools to define & refine the light for whatever mode & effect one desires. The hi-res camera is also connected to a large monitor for instant viewing of every shot.